Villa Camaldari

The house was born from the client’s desire to have a small summer house as a farm on agricultural land.
The strong limits imposed by the legislation strongly influenced the project.
In Italy the landscape commission also enters into the sphere of architectural design and the dialogue is not always that easy.
Our desire was to design the little pool just beside the villa, in order to have a more quiet and separated area between living and terrace spaces and the pool’s outdoor. The pool facing the living space is just a clichè, isnt’it? This wasn’t possible because of the restrictions on land consumption…
The house could not be larger than 110 m2 with non-luxury features as it was truly an agricultural dwelling.
The glass greenhouse connecting the parts gave us the possibility of slightly expanding the surface area of ​​the house.
The design follows the narrative of the Mediterranean house, seeking clean silhouettes and views to the surrounding landscape.
A rainwater collection tank allows the reuse of water for irrigation.