Secondary School Competition IISS Giannelli

2022, Competition
II Price
secondary school IISS GIANNELLI,  Parabita
The school not as a simple service, but as a catalyst for urban life, as a territorial defense: this is the priority objective of the project presented;
The system of spatial relationships - internal-external, full-empty, public-semi-public was designed to give the project maximum integration with the city, to promote and easily allow interpersonal and generational exchanges.
The quality and clarity of the architectural volumes, defined by their function, create a recognizable and identifying place with a strong symbolic projection;
the connection to the context, to the place, to the region of belonging is evoked by the use of local materials such as Carparo stone and Lecce stone; 
the symbolic and social function of the institution is made evident and amplified by the creation of a basement on which the entire institute rests;
the generous central green courtyard, protected but permeable to flows, becomes the outdoor center of school life, connected to the terraces that can be used at different levels;

The basement becomes an element of connection between the city and the new institution: it is a foundation element of the civic space, capable of linking itself to the basilica of the Madonna della Coltura, and further on to the Angiono Castle; 
it is also a functional device: set back from the road, it creates an airy pedestrian area in front of the institute: it slows down vehicular flows, organizes green spaces and pedestrian paths by exploiting the natural difference in height on Via Fiume;
above it emerges the "floating" body of the library, a symbolic portal of knowledge under which the entire school population passes; it creates a new architectural language, with simple, clear and recognizable volumes, highlighting the public character of a new, modern, efficient, light and sustainable school.
Alessandro Cesari
Giorgio Sferrella
stefano-ghiretti_concorso-IISS GIANNELLI-parabita-scuola-futura
stefano-ghiretti_concorso-IISS GIANNELLI-parabita-scuola-futura (30)