Stefano Ghiretti was born in Modena in 1967;
He studied in Florence and in Venice at the University Institute of Architecture where he graduated in 1996.
From 1998 to 2002 he worked in Naples alongside the architect Francesco Venezia.
In 2006 he founded the Insito studio with Laura Peretti;
he has lived and worked in Lecce since 2012 where he started his new architecture practise.

2018-2022 Creative Director and owner at SGA architects, architectural practice based in Lecce, (Italy)   2012-2018 Creative director and lead architect at Essentis Properties, a luxury real estate brand based in Puglia (Italy), with a commercial agent in London. I was responsible to develop the new luxury hospitality brand from an architectural perspective, with particular attention to the local design and context, leading the architects team I have personally selected. The philosophy has always been very simple: focus on hig quality, bespoke development for a selected market.   2006-2012 Owner at studio Insito with architect Laura Peretti.   The studio won several awards:
  • First prize in the international competition Hacemos Ciudad becoming responsible for the design of 150 apartaments in Ceuta, Spain.
  • Third prize for the expansion project of Costantino Nivola Museum in Sardinia.
  • Prize from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Venice within the conference “Luoghi dell’archeologia e usi contemporanei”.
  Design for private client:  
  • 350 rooms resort, Arbus (OR) Sardinia)
  • RTA (100 rooms) and 60 apartaments
  • RequalificationPan – Costa Verde (OR) Sardinia (1600 ha 6 Km coast).
  • First prize for the renovation of Piazza Garibaldi in Spoleto
  • Third prize for Piazza I ottobre in S. Maria Capua Vetere, a square set in front of the ancient ruins of the roman amphitheatre.
  1995-2000 After earning my Bachelor’s Degree and working experiences in Berlin and Porto, I worked as first assistant at Architect Francesco Venezia’s Studio (Naples). In 2000, I contributed to the drafting of several international competitions and to the construction plan of the “Laboratorio prove Materiali di Mestre”; assisted in the design and oversight of the construction of the exhibition Gli Etruschi at Palazzo Grassi; assisted in the design and oversight of houses for private clients in Naples and for the city of Lauro, where I was in charge of the construction oversight for the restoration of Piazza Lancellotti, a project by Francesco Venezia; and designed and consulted for the industrial planning at the town of Fusarelle (Lauro, AV).


The design activity has for us a sartorial and research character.
Starting from understanding the material constraints of the context and listening to the question, we try to identify the priority spatial and functional relationships of the creative process.
There are no pre-established formulas. We believe in the process, in the sometimes unexpected solution as the fulfillment of a path.
We like to find Simplicity in the Multiple, the Harmony in the Juxtaposition, the Opportunity in the Critical Points.

have collaborated with us

Arch. Alessandro Cesari, Arch. Giorgio Sferrella, Arch. Diego D’agostino, Arch. Ivan Contreras, Arch. Edoardo Weber, Arch. Giovanni Fazzini, Arch. Eleonora Maccari, Arch. Davide Orchidea, Arch. Cecilia Montalbotti, Arch. Gianni Carrozzo, Arch. Emanuela Balzani, Arch. Susanna Tundo, Arch. Enrico Conte, Arch. Luciano Lezzi, Arch. Sandra Montonato, Arch. Sara Tavolaro

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